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1 to 2 year baby food chart by Dr. Surabhi Gupta (Pediatrician)

  • The age for teething in children is between 6 to 12 months. Children develop the ability to crunch and chomp down solid foods.
  • Keep introducing your babies with new flavors and textures of food. It's very important to serve foods that are filled with nutrients they need to grow healthy and energetic and also which are less sugar or calories in them.
  • Let your child experience self - feeding first with fingers and then with spoon or utensils simultaneously. In this way, he or she will develop skills of eating by self.
  • Moreover, in this age mothers should provide less breastfeed or milk to the babies so that they could concentrate on other nutrient foods or solid foods.
  • Here are some important guidelines about 1-year-old baby food chart, 2 years baby food menu and many more


Topics for today’s discussion

  1. Food for 1-2 year baby

  2. 1-year baby food chart

  3. 18 months old baby food chart

  4. 2-year-old baby food chart


  1. Food for 1-2 year baby (1 to 2-year baby food chart)

  • You need not have to worry about preparing food for your 1-year-old child.
  • Whatever the rest of the family eats child can eat that too but make sure you avoid putting too much salt in your baby’s food and also the food should be more healthy and full of nutrition for the child.
  • Similarly, 2 years old can also eat the same food as the rest of the family and your baby should be eating 3 healthy meals a day.
  1. Daal rice
  2. Chapatti
  3. Vegetables /mashed vegetables
  4. Fruits
  5. Egg – boiled / mashed
  6. Fruit yogurt
  7. Dry fruits


  • There should be a mixed diet provided to your baby.
  • Nutrition will be properly maintained when you will give a different variety of foods to your baby. There should be a properly balanced diet for your child.
  • Most importantly, avoid giving food contents available in the market or restaurants your baby, they are not good for the health and growth in this age.
  • This is the age of developing taste in kids, if the child with developing a habit of outside food he or she will avoid homemade food so make sure you do not introduce your baby food from outside or street food.
  • You may introduce a little bit of outside food but only sometimes not always.
  • Now let’s see some food charts for your baby which can actually provide them with good health and healthy development.


  1. 1-year baby food chart (balanced diet for 1-year-old baby)


Starter Breakfast Second Breakfast Luncheon Afternoon Dinner Late night
Sunday Breast Milk / Formula Puri Bhajji Watermelon Scoops Khichdi Cheese pieces Barley Porridge Breast Milk / Formula
Monday Breast Milk / Formula Besan ka Chilla Banana slices Chappati and dal Bread rolls Paneer parantha Breast Milk / Formula
Tuesday Breast Milk / Formula egg sandwich Fried Apple rings Curd rice Ragi Laddu Masoor dal khichdi with curd Breast Milk / Formula
Wednesday Breast Milk / Formula Caulifower parantha Cucumber sticks Rajma Rice Banana Shake Cereal with milk Breast Milk / Formula
Thursday Breast Milk / Formula Idli Ragi dosa Kadhi Chawal Chicken curry rice Steamed Dosa Breast Milk / Formula
Friday Breast Milk / Formula Chapatti with soya chunks curried Halved grapes Mixed Veg Khichdi Apple shake Chicken soup Breast Milk / Formula
Saturday Breast Milk / Formula Aloo parantha Cereal with milk Rice with fish French Toast Rice with Egg Curry Breast Milk / Formula



  1. 18 months old baby food chart


Day Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner
Monday Idli chutney Banana pieces Veggie khichdi and curd Glass of milk Paneer paratha
Tuesday Upma Orange chunks Peas and cauliflower curry with rice A glass of milk with almonds Aloo masala dosa
Wednesday Peanut butter and jelly sandwich Guava bites Khichdi with masoor dal Orange smoothie Veggie khichdi and curd
Thursday Oats porridge with apple pieces Kiwi chunks Roti, dal, and kheer Soybean cutlets Vermicelli
Friday Pancakes and milkshake Strawberry chunks Methi paratha Mini pizza Roti and mutter paneer
Saturday Besan paratha Watermelon pieces Masala bhindi, rice, dal, salads Chickoo Milkshake Roti and chicken curry
Sunday Egg or paneer bhurji sandwich Papaya chunks Spinach moong khichdi A glass of milk with almonds Banana Dosa



  1. 2-year-old baby food chart (2 years baby food menu)


Breakfast Mid Morning Lunch Afternoon Dinner
Sunday Cereal with fresh fruit Cup of milk Curry made with any pulses of Rice and Dahi Paneer cutlet with milk Aloo mutter with Missi roti
Monday Dosa with Moong Dal Chilla Seasonal Fruits Mixed vegetables curry with chapatti Fruit milkshake Chapatti with soya chunks fried
Tuesday Hard-boiled egg with toast Vegetable soup Veg biriyani with cucumber sticks Milk and biscuits Vegetable khichdi
Wednesday Idli and sambar 2 idlis with chutney Aloo parantha with dahi Fruits Boiled chicken with rice
Thursday Ragi porridge with chopped nuts Fruit Chana Dal Khichdi Upma Vegetable soup with 2 cutlets (veg or non-veg)
Friday Oats cooked in milk Paneer Bhurji Chole curry with chapattis Oats khichdi Sambar with rice
Saturday Vegetable parantha Milk and biscuits Paneer Pulao Samosa Vegetable pulao with dahi






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