At what age can children watch TV or mobile?

At what age can children watch TV or mobile?

Hello, I am Dr. Surabhi Gupta (Pediatrician), today we will discuss a very important topic- at what age can children watch TV or mobile ?


You definitely have questions in your mind like-

  1. At what age can children watch TV or mobile?

  2. What is the impact of television on children?

  3. Is tv bad for babies?

  4. Should Babies and Toddlers Watch Television?

  5. Healthy screen time & media: 0-2 years

First of all, we should know that the growth and development of brain occurs upto two to three years of age, about 90 to 95% of children's brain grow up to 2 years. So we should keep in mind that exposure to Mobile and TV should be very minimum to our children, ideally NIL, so that the growth of the brain continues to be normal in children.

   Do not show TV and mobile at all to children upto 2 years of age


  • Yes, it is very difficult to do this because nowadays mobile or TV is always in front of children 24 hours, we have to keep in mind that children should not be in direct contact with mobile and TV for 2 years
  • Mostly we show Mobile or TV to kids for eating food or to keep quiet from crying. So, we should not use this method to feed our child. We should use other kinds of methods for such things because when TV and mobile were not in this world, even then our kids fed normally.

These methods might  busy our kids in playing with toys, do some playful activities with your kids or any other personal method to keep kids busy and avoid them from TV and mobile.

Many times we think that the child will learn by playing a game on the mobile, please do not use this trick because it can hamper normal thought process of baby or brain development.

              If your child is already habitual to watch TV and mobile a lot then gradually reduce the time of using it or suddenly stop showing completely. It may be that the child is worried for a day or two but then gradually he will understand that I will not be able to watch TV and mobile. Yes, it is very difficult but you should certainly use this trick.


हिंदी में पढ़ें- कब से शुरू करें बच्चो को टीवी और मोबाइल दिखाना ?

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