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Here you can book paediatrician online consultation, where you can ask a doctor about your kid's health. Dr. Surabhi Gupta child specialist will give answers to your queries related to your baby's health.

Tele-Consultancy by Dr. Surabhi Gupta


Terms and Conditions for Tele-Consultancy at +918447555300

  • Physical visit is always better and preferred mode for any medical advice.
  • Clinical Examination is not possible by Doctor in Tele-consultancy.
  • Tele-consultancy is not for severe illness and emergency conditions, if any immediate visit doctor or hospital emergency.
  • Information given by patient or guardian will be considered true/best information as provided.
  • If, the patient initiates the telemedicine consultation, then the consent is implied.
  • Telemedicine has its own set of limitations for adequate examination. If a physical examination is critical information for consultation, Doctor should not proceed until a physical examination can be arranged through an in-person consult. Wherever necessary, depending on professional judgement of the Doctor, he/she shall recommend: - Video consultation - Examination by another RMP/ Health Worker ; - In-person consultation.
  • Time Slot or mode of telemedicine can be cancelled or change without any prior information based on schedule or unforseen condition. In case of cancellation or if you do not agree with new slot or mode- refund will be issued without any deduction.
  • Please read detailed term and conditions of telemedicine first, If you proceed further and book, it will be considered that you/patient agree with all term & conditions

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Child Specialist Doctor | Health Tips for Children

“I Care My Child” is a manifesto started by Dr. Surabhi Gupta (best child specialist doctor in Delhi &NCR) which will mainly concentrate at children starting from newborn to 14 years old.
Get everything here about your baby health by Dr. Surabhi Gupta  (best pediatrician in Delhi & NCR). Motherhood is a precious gift given by God. Mothers take a lot of efforts to take care of her child. But due to negligence, we hear about a lot of bad incidences and ignorances. In this regard, an initiative has been taken by Dr. Surabhi Gupta, a top pediatrician in Delhi NCR, to make people aware of how to take care of the child.
“I care my child” is the platform started by Dr. Surabhi Gupta which is targeted at children aged between newborn to 14 years old . Through this platform, you will come to know about various health tips for children, childcare tips and newborn baby care tips, also with the help of Hindi videos including various topics like healthy eating in infants and children, growth of baby and various types of infections and how to deal with them and several related articles.

Dr. Surabhi Gupta Specialized in:-

Child Growth Management Child Specialist Paediatrician
Neonatalogist Pulmonologist Asthma Management
Immunizations Vaccination Nebulisation
Child Growth and Development Consultation New Born Care

Book an appointment in Delhi with Dr. Surabhi Gupta at 08447555300

(दिल्ली में डॉ सुरभि गुप्ता को दिखाने के लिए )



Residential Clinic (I Care My Child)

OPD Timings

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri - 12:00 PM to 02:00 PM

Wednesday & Saturday- 5:00 Pm to 8 :00 PM


Prepare For Visit

  • Take an appointment before visiting.
  • Reach 10 min before your appointment time
  • Bring all previous medical records
  • Always bring Patient Clinic File
  • A child should be accompanied by a guardian who can give illness history
  • Feed baby before visiting the clinic
  • Use Diaper during the clinic visit
  • Dress the child in easily removable clothes for good clinic examination


Come visit

Residential Clinic (I Care My Child)

B- 312, Gali No.3

Near Mini Appu Ghar

Majlis Park

Adarsh nagar

Delhi- 110033


OPD Timings

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri - 12:00 PM to 02:00 PM

Wednesday & Saturday- 05:00 PM to : 08:00 PM


Social Media:

-  YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/c/icaremychild

♥ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/icaremychildofficial

♥ Twitter: https://twitter.com/icaremychild

- Instagram: https://Instagram.com/icaremychild

Email- icaremychild@gmail.com

Ask Queries on page : www.icaremychild.com/queries

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