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How to make baby sleep fast | Baby sleep training – Dr. Surabhi Gupta

Sleeping is a very important function of human activity. Proper sleep is very important for the child and need proper baby sleep training. A child sleeps more till the time he attains the age of 1 year.  It is very important for the growth and development of the child. When a child is sleeping, the mental and physical balance of the body is too good which helps in the growth of the child.  Now since we have come in the technology age, there are so many factors that affect the proper sleep of the child like the mobile and other Technology devices. So what should be done to avoid the imbalance of sleeping routine of the child? Let's know the details how to make baby sleep fast.


Tips to Get Your Baby to Sleep:

1. Setting the sleeping time

Set the sleeping time of the child.  make sure not to change that time. Like,  if the child is sleeping at 9 pm, get the habit to make him sleep every day at same time.  Taking the child to sleep create the environment favourable for him. The room should be dark, there should not be any noise disturbance which affects his sleep. Take the child to the bed sometime before he sleeps.  Make him sleep on the bed rather than taking him to the bed after he sleeps.


2. Feeding the child before sleep

Before making the baby sleep make sure his feed properly. neither the child should not be hungry as it will disrupt his sleep nor he is overfed. Avoid giving a heavy meal to the child like cereal grains or porridge. It is better to give light fruit like apple or just give milk.


3.The environment of the room

The environment of the room where the child sleeps matters a lot. There should not be a television in the room as a child will get the habit of watching the TV and then sleep.  This is not good for their proper development. The temperature of the room should be normal. It should neither be too cold nor too hot. The temperature of 25 degree Celsius is considered to be perfect for the child. If the child is in habit of drinking tea or coffee or eating chocolate before sleep, Better to stop this at the earliest as it disturbs their sleep.


4. External environment

If the child is small, allow them to play for some time. Expose the kids to outside environment which will help them in getting fresh air and body will be exercised. If the child is bigger, make him exercise every day. This will help them to have a better sleep. If the child is in habit of sleeping during the day,  make sure that he does not sleep more than 1 hour because if he sleeps for the longer duration during the day, it will disturb their sleep during the night.


One very important point to know that timetable of getting up in the morning and sleeping in the night should not be altered irrespective of the child is going to school or it is a holiday.  The same timetable should be maintained.


Diseases that are Related to sleep.

Sometimes we see the child snoring during the sleep,  suddenly getting up while sleeping, Sleeping more in the afternoon on the child speaks through the nose. There are certain reasons behind these symptoms. the most common is Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The symptoms of this are snoring during the sleep, difficulty in breathing, child complaining about improper sleep, Sleeping more during the daytime.  All these lead to irritation in the child which affects them physically, mentally as well as academically. In case of all these symptoms consult a doctor.


If you feel your child is suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA),  consult the doctor and get a proper test done. The most common test for this is poly sonography. If the test is positive, then you need to get some treatment done along with the medication.

In a nutshell,  I would like to share with you that Sleep is directly related to the health of the child.  proper sleep leads to good health.


Watch video given below to know about how to get baby to sleep in Hindi by Dr. Surabhi Gupta (Pediatrician)


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